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Description: Is a flag that indicates when release and management data for a metal compound (i.e. Lead compounds) have been reported in combination with the data for the corresponding elemental metal (i.e. Lead). An option was added in reporting year (RY) 2018 to the TRI Form R that allows facilities to submit a combined report for a metal compound and the corresponding elemental metal provided they are both (individually) above reporting thresholds. For example, a facility could report their releases and other waste manage for both Copper compounds and Copper on one form R given both were individually above the reporting thresholds. This data element, Elemental_Metal_Included, indicates when that has happened. A value of 'Y' indicates the Form R report contains combined data for a metal compound (i.e. Mercury Compounds) and the corresponding elemental metal (i.e. Mercury).

When the value of this data element is 'Y', the chemical name that will be displayed in all Envirofacts reports will be in format of "Metal and Metal Compounds" (i.e. "Copper and Copper Compounds").
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  • Type:CHAR
  • Length:1

Definition Source:TRIPS Database