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Description: The unique number assigned to each facility for purposes of the TRI program. Usually, only one number is assigned to each facility and the number is for the entire facility. One company may have multiple TRI Facility Identification (ID) numbers if they have multiple facilities. One facility with many establishments will usually have only one TRI Facility ID number. They will then use this number for all of their Form Rs even if they are submitting a Form R for different establishments with different names. In a few instances different establishments of the same facility will have different TRI Facility ID numbers. The format is ZZZZZNNNNNSSSSS, where ZZZZZ = ZIP code, NNNNN = the first 5 consonants of the name, and SSSSS = the first 5 non-blank non-special characters in the street address.

Envirofacts Table Name(s):
Data Source:
  • Data Element:
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  • Type:CHAR
  • Length:15

Definition Source:TRI Data Dictionary