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Description: Indicates if the on-site land disposal in reported in section 5.5 is being managed in "waste rock piles". Waste rock refers to rock that contains insufficient metal concentration to economically process at any given time and is thus typically removed from a mine to allow access to the ore-grade rock. A facility may indicate that quantities reported in section 5.5 were managed in waste rock piles and may provide the quantity of the chemical managed in such piles. This data element was added in reporting year 2018.

The list of values are as follows:

YYes - Onsite land releases in Section 5.5 are being managed in waste rock piles.
NNo - Onsite land releases Section 5.5 are NOT being managed in waste rock piles.

Envirofacts Table Name(s):
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  • Type:CHAR
  • Length:1

Definition Source:TRIPS Database