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Facility ID: 08110LMNMS9000R

Facility Name and Address:
DELAIR, NJ 08110

Parent Company:

Industry: Aluminum Extruded Product Manufacturing (331316)
Chemical: Chromium Compounds (Except For Chromite Ore Mined In The Transvaal Region)

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Production Related Waste Management for Selected Chemical

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Pollution Prevention Activities for Selected Chemical

Reporting Year Section 8.10: Newly Implemented Source Reduction Activity Section 8.10: Methods to Identify Activity Section 8.11: Optional Pollution Prevention Information*
2002 Source Reduction:: W73: Substituted coating materials used

Methods to Identify SR Opportunities: T11: Other
Methods to Identify SR Opportunities: T10: Vendor assistance
*Classifications of Optional Pollution Prevention Information shown in brackets are provided by EPA.