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Facility ID: 44035NYLNG1301L

Facility Name and Address:
ELYRIA, OH 44035

Parent Company: 3M CO

Industry: Plastics Material and Resin Manufacturing (325211)
Chemical: Hydrogen Sulfide

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Production Related Waste Management for Selected Chemical

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Pollution Prevention Activities for Selected Chemical

Reporting Year Section 8.10: Newly Implemented Source Reduction Activity Section 8.10: Methods to Identify Activity Section 8.11: Optional Pollution Prevention Information*

Other Barriers to Source Reduction - The site ceased operations in 2017.

2016 Source Reduction:: W13: Improved maintenance scheduling, recordkeeping, or procedures[-25-49%]
Methods to Identify SR Opportunities: T11: Other

Source Reduction: Methods for Identifying Pollution Prevention Opportunities - Several chemical reduction projects successfully implemented and enhanced maintenance.

*Classifications of Optional Pollution Prevention Information shown in brackets are provided by EPA.