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Data are retrieved from EPA source databases and posted to Envirofacts at various intervals. Below you will find the most recent dates that data were retrieved and posted to Envirofacts along with the frequency of these updates.

System Retrieved Posted Update Frequency
Assessment, Cleanup and Redevelopment Exchange System (ACRES) 03/13/2020 03/18/2020 Updated Monthly
Biennial Reporting (BR) 01/13/2020 01/15/2020 Updated Monthly
Facility Registry System (FRS) Nightly Nightly Updated Nightly
Greenhouse Gas Reporting Program (GHGRP) 10/01/2019 10/01/2019 2018 data is now available
Integrated Compliance Information System (ICIS) 02/15/2020 02/19/2020 Updated Monthly
Information Collection Rule (ICR)   05/17/2000 Final Data Update Complete.
Integrated Grants Management System (IGMS) 09/12/2019 09/12/2019 Updated Monthly
Locational Information Weekly Weekly Updated Weekly
National Emissions Inventory (NEI) 10/01/2019 10/28/2019 2017 NEI Final Version 1 - Facility Data
Permit Compliance System (PCS) 11/11/2012 11/12/2012 Final Data Update Complete. *
Resource Conservation and Recovery Act Information (RCRAInfo) 02/27/2020 03/03/2020 Updated Monthly
RadNet, formerly Environmental Radiation Ambient Monitoring System 03/30/2020 04/01/2020  
Safe Drinking Water Information System (SDWIS) 01/07/2020 01/09/2020 Updated Quarterly
Superfund Enterprise Management System (SEMS) 11/25/2019 12/04/2019 Updated Quarterly
TRI Explorer 11/04/2019 11/12/2019 2018 data is now available
Toxics Release Inventory (TRI) 11/04/2019 11/12/2019 TRI 2018 data is now available

* As of June 6th, 2006, the data for the Permit Compliance System (PCS) is frozen in Envirofacts for the following states: MA, NH, RI, VI, PR, DC, MD, IN, NM, UT, HI, AK, ID
Frozen as of April 24th, 2008: IL
Frozen as of August 26th, 2008: AR,CA,CO,OK,TN,WI
Frozen as of June 17th, 2009: TX, LA, GM, AL
Frozen as of February 17, 2011: MN, MO, OH, FL, KY
Frozen as of March 1st, 2012: DE
Frozen as of Nov 29, 2012: AZ, IA, KS, ME, MS, NC, ND, NJ, OR, SC, VA, VT, WA, WV, WY