For reporting years 2003 - Present, this number is calculated by summing the following columns:
For reporting years prior to 2003, this number comes from the following column:
The total amount (in pounds) of the toxic chemical released due to production related events by the facility to all environmental media both on and off site during the calendar year (January 1 - December 31) for which the report was submitted. This includes both fugitive and stack air emissions, discharges to water bodies, underground injection, and land disposal on site (all releases reported in section 5). It also includes transfers of the toxic chemical offsite for disposal (transfers reported in section 6.2 which are classified with a disposal waste management code) and amounts of metals transferred to POTWs, because metals cannot be treated (destroyed) and will ultimately be disposed (metals reported in 6.1).

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    • Length:21

    Definition Source:TRI Data Dictionary