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Description: Total annual transfer quantities of the chemical in wastes to off-site locations including Publicly Owned Treatment Works (POTW).

An off-site transfer is the transfer of the toxic chemical in waste to a facility that is geographically or physically separate from the facility reporting under TRI. Chemicals reported to TRI as transferred are sent to off-site facilities for the purposes of recycling, energy recovery, treatment, or disposal. The quantities reported represent a movement of the chemical away from the reporting facility to something other than a POTW. Except for off-site transfers to disposal, these quantities do not necessarily represent entry of the chemical into the environment. Transfers to disposal represent an off-site release.

Discharges to POTWs are those toxic chemicals which are sent to a municipal sewage treatment plant. The most common transfers will be conveyances of the toxic chemical in facility wastewater through underground sewage pipes, however, materials may be trucked or other direct shipments to a POTW may be made. (Data in TRI_TRANSFER_QTY were submitted on EPA Form R, Part II, Section 6, 'Transfers of the Toxic Chemical in Wastes to Off-Site Locations'. See specific 'Data Source' for each column.)


Envirofacts Data Service API for TRI_TRANSFER_QTY: Envirofacts has developed a RESTful data service API to all of its internal data holdings. This functionality provides a user of Envirofacts with the ability to query any table through the use of a URL. The default output is in XML, which can be utilized in other applications, as well as tools such as Microsoft Excel or Access. Output options of CSV and Excel can be requested in the URL. The entire Envirofacts database metadata is available online, so that all tables and columns within Envirofacts are documented. Having the table structures available in this manner makes most of Envirofacts data easily available through the service. More information is available on the Envirofacts Services page.

Below is a sample of the first 10 rows of data for the TRI_TRANSFER_QTY table. The URL used to produce this output is: