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Description: The Estimated Annual Reduction is an optional percentage range code indicating the estimated annual reduction in chemical waste generation associated with any source reduction activity(s) a facility reported in Section 8.10 of the Form R. The reporting of this data element began in reporting year 2014 when it was added to the Form R.

A facility can enter one of six ranges codes for Estimated Annual Reduction. The range codes and their values are as follows:

R1 = 100% (elimination of the chemical)
R2 = greater than or equal to 50%, but less than 100%
R3 = greater than or equal to 25%, but less than 50%
R4 = greater than or equal 15%, but less than to 25%
R5 = greater than or equal 5%, but less than to 15%
R6 = greater than 0%, but less than 5%

The lookup values for this code can be found in the TRI_CODE_DESC table where TABLE_ID = 25.
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  • Data Element:
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  • Type:CHAR
  • Length:2

Definition Source:TRI Data Dictionary