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Description: Indicates the facility reported the toxic chemical as being recycled as a process activity or use in section 3.2 of the form R. This data element is reported in Part II, section 3 of the form R in the section "Activities and Uses of the Toxic Chemical at the Facility". Specifically, it's reported in Part II, Subsection 3.2, "Process the Toxic Chemical". If the "Recycled" check box is checked in this section, it indicates that facility recycled this chemical as part of its processing. The values for PROCESSED_RECYCLING are:
1Yes - Recycling Check Box was checked
0No - Recycling Check Box was not checked

Envirofacts Table Name(s):
Data Source:
  • Data Element:
  • ADABAS File:

  • Type:CHAR
  • Length:1

Definition Source:TRIPS Database