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On June 30, 2019, the RADInfo database will be archived and will no longer be available in Envirofacts.

The Radiation Information Database (RADINFO) Search allows you to retrieve selected data from RADINFO database in Envirofacts regarding facilities EPA regulates for radiation or radioactivity. Specify the facilities by using any combination of facility name, geographic location, and radiation regulation. You may also select an output option.

Facility Selection

Geography Search

Enter a partial value for any geography option except for the state value. We strongly recommend that you enter a small geographical area to begin the search since Envirofacts contains a large number of facilities.

Radiation Regulation Search

Use this option to retrieve information about facilities or sites regulated by EPA for radiation or radioactivity. This function will return a listing of facilities or sites which are governed by the regulation you have selected.

  • (ie. 40CFR61)

Type of Data Returned

Use the following search parameter to identify the type of data returned in your query. Selecting "Location Data" will return the name and address of any facility which meets your search criteria. Selecting "Regulatory Data" will return the name and applicable regulations for radiation governing any facility which meets your search criteria. When "Regulatory Data" is selected, do not identify a specific regulation as a "Radiation Regulation Search" parameter.