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Data Source: 2022 Dataset (released October 2023) See Note     Instructions for printing wide reports

TRI Transfers Off-site for Further Waste Management (in pounds), for all 1 facilities, for facilities in All Industries, for Dimethyl chlorothiophosphate, chemical, U.S., 2003

Row # Facility Transfers to Recycling Transfers to Energy Recovery Transfers to Treatment Transfers to POTWs Non Metals POTWs (Metal and Metal Compounds) Other Off-site Transfers Transfers Off-Site for Disposal or Other Releases Total Transfers Off-site for Further Waste Management
1 AMVAC CHEMICAL CO.12650 HWY 43 N, AXIS ALABAMA 36505 (MOBILE) 0 0 224,000 . . 0 . 224,000
  Total 0 0 224,000 0 0 0 0 224,000

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