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Facility or Establishment Name

The name of the facility or establishment for which the form was submitted. For purposes of TRI a "facility" is generally considered to be all buildings and equipment owned or operated by a company on a single piece of property. The facility may be only one building in an industrial park or it may be a large complex covering many acres. At some larger facilities there may be several different businesses that are all run by the same company. These different businesses are referred to as "establishments." Generally, a company will submit one Form R for the entire facility. A facility may choose, however, to submit a Form R for each establishment separately. The name in this section will either be the name used for the entire facility or the name of the specific establishment, depending on how the facility chooses to report. Street The street address for the physical location of the facility or establishment. City/County/State/Zip Code The city or county, state abbreviation, and zip code of where the facility or establishment is physically located

Facility Metadata

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