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Description: The POTW_AMOUNT_SEQ represents the sequence or order that POTW waste type management codes are entered in Part II, Section 6.1of the Form R under the section "Discharges to Publicly Owned Treatment Works (POTWs)". Starting in Reporting Year 2018, facilities will report transfer quantities to POTWs for individual waste management activities. The POTW_AMOUNT_SEQ represents the order that those waste management activities are reported in. The POTW_WASTE_TYPE_CODE represents the waste management activity. POTW_AMOUNT_SEQ represents the order the POTW_WASTE_TYPE_CODE was reported. See POTW_WASTE_TYPE_CODE for more information.
Envirofacts Table Name(s):
Data Source:
  • Data Element:
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  • Type:NUMBER
  • Length:3

Definition Source:TRIPS Database