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Description: A code that represents the type of waste management chemical transfers are undergoing at Publicly Owned Treatment Works (POTWs). Starting in Reporting Year 2018, facilities will report transfer quantities to POTWs for individual waste management activities. The POTW waste type code (POTW_WASTE_TYPE_CODE) is reported in Part II, Section 6.1 of the Form R under the section "Discharges to Publicly Owned Treatment Works (POTWs)". With this change in Reporting Year 2018, reporting of transfers to POTWs now more closely align with how transfers to other off-site locations (in part II, section 6.2 of the Form R) are reported. Because not all facilities may have POTW waste management information, EPA is providing two codes, P36 and P37, that a facility should use when the ultimate disposition of the chemical is unknown. The POTW_WASTE_TYPE_CODE can have the following values:
P30 Discharged to Water Stream
P31 Discharged to Other Activities
P32 Released to Air
P33 Sludge to disposal
P34 Metals and metal compounds only - Sludge to incineration
P35 Sludge to agricultural applications
P36 Other or Unknown Disposal
P37 Other or Unknown treatment
P38 Sludge to incineration
P39 Experimental and Estimated Treatment Data (TRI provided)

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  • Type:CHAR
  • Length:3

Definition Source:TRIPS Database