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Data Source: 2022 Dataset (released October 2023) See Note     Instructions for printing wide reports

Address: 1000 HWY 4 S, SLEEPY EYE MINNESOTA 56085 (BROWN)
(Map by Google, Yahoo)
Public Contact:JOE BRUGGEMAN
Phone Number:507-794-8035
Public email:
Forms Submitted to TRI in 1990 Reporting Year:
Form R (regular form):1
Form A (certification form):0
Click here for TRI Reporting Forms in EPA Envirofacts database
Click here for the facility's TRI Pollution Prevention (P2) Report
No Risk Screening Report exists for this Facility
North American Industry Classification System (NAICS) Code(s) in 1990 Reporting Year:
332997 - Industrial Pattern Manufacturing (Primary)
Industry sector used in TRI Explorer analysis in 1990 Reporting Year:
332 - Fabricated Metals

Reported TRI Chemical Data
(in pounds, for all chemicals reported in 1990)
Total On-site Releases: 12,000
Total Off-site Releases:
Total Transfers Off-site for Further Waste Management: 1,800
Total Waste Managed: 0


TRI Facility Trend Graphs (click to view trend graph)
     Total On- and Off-site Releases
     Total Transfers Off-site for Further Waste Management

TRI Chemical Trend Table (click to view trend table)
(all chemicals reported to TRI between 1989 and 1990)
Row # Chemical On- and Off-site Releases Trend Transfers Off-site for Further Waste Management Trend Quantities of TRI Chemicals in Waste Trend EPA's IRIS Substance File (Risk Information) 
1 Isopropyl alcohol (only persons who manufacture by the strong acid process are subject, no supplier notification) Click to see detail report Click to see detail report Click to see detail report
2 Toluene Click to see detail report Click to see detail report Click to see detail report Click to see detail report

Other TRI Facility Information
Latitude: 44.305
Longitude: -94.719
Parent Company Name: R L POLK
Parent Company's Dun and Bradstreet: 005357835
TRI Facility ID Number: 56085DVRTS1000H
RCRA ID Number (Land): MND022856322


Note: Reporting year (RY) 2022 is the most recent TRI data available. Facilities reporting to TRI were required to submit their data to EPA by July 1 for the previous calendar year's activities. TRI Explorer is using the 2022 Dataset (released October 2023). This dataset includes revisions for the years 1988 to 2022 processed by EPA. Revisions submitted to EPA after this time are not reflected in TRI Explorer reports. TRI data may also be obtained through EPA Envirofacts.

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