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Treated Off-site

The total amount of the toxic chemical sent for treatment off-site during
the calendar year (January 1 - December 31) for which the report was
submitted. This includes the total amount of the toxic chemical intended
to be treated (destroyed) and sent off-site for that purpose, not the
amount of the toxic chemical actually treated (destroyed) by off-site
processes. This figure includes all transfers off-site reported in Section
6.2 which are classified with treatment waste management codes and most
transfers to POTWs reported in Section 6.1, except for metals. This does
not include transfers of metals to publicly owned treatment works (POTWs)
because metals cannot be treated (destroyed) and will ultimately be
disposed. Transfers of metals to POTWs are included in Section 8.1. This
amount also does not include quantities of the toxic chemical that were
transferred off-site for treatment as the result of a catastrophic event,
remedial action or other, one-time event not associated with production.
Data from Section 8.7 on the TRI Form R.

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