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Waste Transfer Reports

Waste Transfer Chemical Report Click for help on this criterion
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The default is Data Source: 2020 National Analysis Dataset (October 2021, released October 2021)
Select 2019 National Analysis Dataset (released October 2020)
Select 2018 National Analysis Dataset (released November 12, 2019)
Report Columns To Include Help on this criterion

Transfers to Recycling
Transfers to Energy Recovery
Transfers to Treatment
POTW Transfers - Releases to Class I UI Wells and Landfills
POTW Transfers - Other Releases
POTW Transfers - Treatment
Other Off-site Transfers (reported without a valid code)
Transfers Off-site for Disposal or other Releases, not including transfers to POTWs Metals and Metal Compounds
Total Transfers Off-site for further Waste Management
CAS Number

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